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Skylights Services

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Skylights Services

A roof skylight is an excellent choice for both your private abode or business office. A window of this type can be fitted with an automatic opening mechanism to provide clean air from outside directly inside the building. Consider our skylight roofing services, if the air in your attic room tends to grow stale because you most certainly want to keep rot and harmful germs outside.

Roof windows are an innovative product meant to balance the demands of both industry professionals and comfort-seeking inhabitants. Skylight replacement or installation is what surely improves your home design and simultaneously promotes a healthier lifestyle via advanced technology. Besides adding in extra natural light to interior rooms that may be lacking, there are many benefits of a skylight installation project. Instantly improve comfort to a humid laundry room with a skylight that opens electrically or manually!

A skylight is also a great return on investment for homeowners looking to sell, because of their ability to lower utility bills, year-round energy efficiency and upgrade to the home’s aesthetic. While the upfront cost will depend on the amount of roof windows, special glazing and the functions, it is well worth it for the added comfort and beauty that will last for many years when well-maintained. Keep in mind, skylight installation is very labor-intensive; not only do we have to cut into the house to frame, insulate and install the units, our roofers are caulking, taping and sealing to prevent any leaks or water damage.

You will be able to select among numerous options to meet your needs and properly fit the interior/exterior of your house.

• Glass type: energy efficient, noise-reducing, or safety glass with double glazing and lamination

• Operating mechanisms: manual, solar powered or electric

• Frame material: natural wood, PVC or polyurethane

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